Shirting Fabric

In addition to grey fabric, Lalbhai Industries offers a comprehensive range of finished fabrics. These fabrics undergo meticulous processing, including dyeing, printing, and finishing, to achieve the desired characteristics and aesthetics.

Lalbhai Industries takes pride in its expertise in producing finished fabrics that stand out in terms of quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Through careful dyeing, printing, and finishing techniques, the company transforms grey fabric into a wide range of finished fabrics. Whether it’s vibrant prints, rich colors, or specialized finishes, Lalbhai Industries ensures that each finished fabric meets the specific requirements and preferences of its clients.

Specification of Finished Fabric

  • Corduroy -Shirting /Suiting Fabrics (All Wales – 8 to 28… With & Without Lycra)
  • Specialty – Uniform Fabrics. ( cotton / PC & PV )
  • Bottom Weight ( Cotton / PV / PC with Lycra & Without Lycra )
  • 100 % Linen & Cotton/Linen Fabrics & Other Blended.
  • Blouse Material Fabrics in 2*2 Cotton Rubia & 67/33 Terry Rubia Fabric
  • Shirting ( Plain / Dyed / Checks / Slub / Rotary & Digital Print – Yarn Dyed & Peace Dyed with & Without Lycra )
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